Dead Man’s Path

Dead Man's Path


1. Dead Man’s Path
2. Soul Razer
3. Imperium
4. Corporate Weaponry
5. Blood of the Fallen
6. Resistance is Victory
7. 12th Propechy
8. Extinction Personified
9. Fragmental Sanity
10. Face Your Fear
11. Blood of the fallen (demo)
12. Corporate Weaponry (demo)
13. Extinction Personified (demo)
14. Face Your fear (demo)
15. Fragmental Sanity (demo)


Limited to 300 cassettes with bonus tracks

Promo video.


Brett Hoffmann — Vocals
Phil Fasciana — Guitars
Gio Geraca — Guitars
Jason Blachowicz — Bass
Justin DiPinto — Drums

Produced by Malevolent Creation.
Mixed and Mastered at
Unisound Recording Studio.
Guitars and Bass Recorded at
S.B.S. Recording Studio,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Drums Recorded at
Geller Cellar Recording Studio,
Mahopac, New York.
Vocals recorded at Shredly Studios,
North Tonawanda, New York

*Drums 11-15 by Gus Rios
Recorded at Riversound Studios
Engineered, Produced, Mixed and
Mastered by Gus Rios.

Mohawk Skull by German Latorres
Layout by Danny Nelson


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