Repulsive Echo promotes and supports Death Metal and extreme music culture by providing real format, high quality releases. We urge you to buy your favourite music and support the hard work of artists and our community.

Repulsive Echo 1999 – 2021

22 years of pure devotion to the underground as we consider it to be..

We started as small zine created by the passion of two people for Death Metal and the need to support quality music. Despite the difficult conditions of that era our love for what we were doing overpowered every obstacle and Repulsive Echo made a considerable impact as a zine. Quite soon we started a small distro consisted always by the finest underground acts promoting locally and worldwide their work by any means.

Repulsive Echo was growing bigger and stronger with the passage of time evolving actively in the local scene promoting and supporting many bands. A period of silence occured due to external factors but the sick mesmerising feeling and passion for Death Metal and the underground revived once again in 2013 the year that Repulsive Echo was established as a label and since then we’re marching stronger than ever delivering the best quality stuff for you in excellence.

We act with respect towards what we’re releasing as a label mostly because we are fans of the genre first and all the other are secondary…

Resurrection of repulsive instincts 2021

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