Headbanging Wine brand has been established with unique limited bottles baptized The Black Metal Wine Collections with bands such as Yoth Iria – Necromantia – Kawir. It was the time for Finland’s very dark side with ARCHGOAT.

The Greek tradition in wine dates back at least 3000 years. The significance of the Acarnanian earth in high quality wine making was already mentioned in ancient Greek mythology. Oeneus, king of the city Calydon (in modern
Aetolia-Acarnania), is said to have introduced wine making in the area. According to a legend he received the initial branch of grapevine from god Dionysus himself.

On the Northern side Archgoat formed in 1989 in Turku, Finland. From the beggining they were openly identify with the Satanism and the Occult. First demo unleashed in 1991. In 1993 a MLP was released. Later that year they entered the studio for their debut full length, but they refused to release it in public and decided that they do not belong in a commercial Black Metal scene of those days.

Combining the mysteries two varieties of quality wine were made: The Light-Devouring Black Crusade Merlot 2019 Darkness Has Returned Cabernet Sauvignon 2019. Find more info here:

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