MALEDICTION – The Curse Is Undead… (New lyric video Black Narcissus)

by Kostas Vaxevanos October 2023

A curse is a thoughtform, a combination of a thought and a strong evil feeling. If someone binds you to it, it’s hard to escape. So is Malediction, the underrated for me band from Europe who although they didn’t manage to release a full length album like their compatriots MONOLITH, they had a richer presence and they come back frequently as in 2016 with the compilation “Chronology of Distortion” and now with the new single Black Narcissus.


VILE APPARITION / MISCREANCE (Desert Wastelands Prod.) Split LP

by Kostas Vaxevanos

Desert Wastelands is a hard working new underground label that although far from the main scenes of the American production Florida, New York etc has managed with quiet work to build something remarkable gaining ground and trust of the fans of classic death metal. Here we have a split in which two bands one from Australia and one from Italy unfold talent and character.

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