written by Kostas Vaxevanos March 2023

What do you expect to hear from a Greek metal release? Epic Black Metal with mythological content or old school Death Metal right? Wrong…

Here I was met with a nice surprise as the band has down tuned guitars , groovy rhythms, psychedelic parts and the mood to break your neck several times. The vocals are side by side alternating from screams that rip your nerve cells or distorted lows that spit out shredded flesh.

They could have been part of the scene that blossomed in Germany in the 1990s with bands like Mucupurulent, CBT, Sanitys Dawn, Depression. The Greeks’ Gore Death aims to marry the sound that Dead Infection or even drummer Cyjan’s Spinless project raised us with but also to break away from stereotypes with a plethora of ideas and Noise passages.

The Ep contains 4 tracks plus two bonus tracks and is definitely something special for the Greek sound. Have they discovered the wheel? No. Is it something new? No. Do we like it? We like it! Brutalera is like a shot between your drinks. Short, different and it hits you right in the head.

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