Heavy Metal Darkness – Episode 666-1

by George Athanasiou April 9th

Hi everyone. This is Giorgos and from the Blog of Kostas’ Repulsive Echo, and periodically I’m gonna choose some albums and say a few words about them. I picked a song from each album and made a compilation on mixcloud if you’d like to listen. Most of them will be new releases and reissues. It will be called Heavy Metal Darkness and this is the 1st episode, entitled: Episode 666-1.


Weekly Jams 12 (Mar 21 – Mar 27 2022)

Written by Kyle Messick

For my weekly recommendations, I mostly try to highlight a mix of old and new with a focus on bands that don’t get as much exposure. This week I’m doing something special and highlighting my absolute favorite era of death metal music: the 90s. These are fifteen deep cuts that I adore that I feel like every death metal fan should check out.


MORBID JESTER – Until the Battle Is Won (Reissue 2022)

Written Feb 25th by Kostas Vaxevanos

Morbid jester

The mid-90s was the golden age of Power metal and especially the melodic one that monopolized the speakers of fans with groups such as Blind Guardian, Angra, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Grave Digger. But in contrast to all of them, a new band from the historic Dillenburg, Germany, there in the castle where William the silent, the protagonist of the Dutch revolution in the north against Filippo the 2nd in Spain, was born, is squinting and refusing to follow.


Weekly Jams 08 (Feb 21th-Feb 27th 2022)

Written by Kyle Messick Feb 21th

My recommendations this week will highlight one of the most incredible newer record labels out of Brazil: Old Shadows Records. Many of these have beautiful slipcase sleeves, but I’ve removed them for the photo. The first nine albums below are from them, but I’ve included some other rippers for you to check out too!

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