by George Athanasiou April 9th

Hi everyone. This is Giorgos and from the Blog of Kostas’ Repulsive Echo, and periodically I’m gonna choose some albums and say a few words about them. I picked a song from each album and made a compilation on mixcloud if you’d like to listen. Most of them will be new releases and reissues. It will be called Heavy Metal Darkness and this is the 1st episode, entitled: Episode 666-1.

Unto Others – Strength (2021 | Roadrunner Records):
Let’s begin with Unto Others. They had to change their name from Idle Hands after releasing their amazing debut album in 2019, “Mana”. Finally, they got signed by Roadrunner Records and released their second album “Strength” last year. More mature this time, they left aside the “Ughs” they had plenty on “Mana”. Nevertheless, they have enough hooks and great songs in there like “Heroin” and others. A perfect mix of heavy and gothic metal, the next years they will be heavy metals next best thing.

KK’s Priest – Sermons Of The Sinner (2021 | EX1 Records):
The band as you all know that KK formed and came back in action hiring Ripper behind the mic, which was an excellent choice. Pure heavy metal with great songs and one of the best albums of the year that passed. Ripper is in euphoria nailing it. A must have album for all Priest maniacs out there.

Accept – Too Mean To Die (2021 | Nuclear Blast):
One of the best reunions of all times came back with another successor album with simple, pure heavy metal from the vaults, with great riffs and Wolf/Mark in top notch form once more. Surely not their best with Mark on vocals. This will be and the last album for Nuclear Blast as the band moved to Napalm Records.

Portrait – At One With None (2021 | Metal Blade):
Fifth album for the Swedes after four years in their most mature work to date. Their King Diamond/Mercyful Fate have growned with them. Now these influences are less than ever before, forming their own style. Heavy metal darkness to the end. Great album from a beloved band.

Cauldron Born – Legacy Of Atlantean Kings (2021 | Echoes Of Crom):
Another great comeback and if this album weren’t a re-recording, we’d talk about the album of the past year. The new one comes in a few months and hopefully things will be put in place. A re-recording of their second album “… And Rome Shall Fall” before they break up with Matthew Knight (Eternal Winter) on vocals, spitting fire. Waiting for the brand new album with great expectations.

Mystic Storm – Из хаоса древних времен | From The Ancient Chaos (2021 | Self Released):
Young band from Russia. The band is against the war and what happens in Ukraine if that counts to you. If you like speed metal like Détente and so on, then here you are. Female fronted the band looks very promising for the future, if they are not boycotted. Music unites and it was proven in the past that from the acts of the few the one who pays is the innocent. The titles and lyrics are in Russian.

Gojira – Fortitude (2021 | Roadrunner):
No need for big words here, as everyone knows Gojira. New album for the metal masters after several years. One of the best albums for 2021, it contains great tracks, some are already classic and they are the present and the future of the metal scene.

At The Gates – The Nightmare Of Being (2021 | Nuclear Blast)
One of my all-time fave bands to their most progressive work to date without escaping their latest direction. Fantastic lyrics from Tomas a must album for the scene.

Pestilence – Exitivm (2021 | Agonia)
Mameli is back for unleashing new Pestilence every 2-3 years offering some from his genius mastery on vocals and guitars. I’d expect something more sensational and aethereal in the vein of “Testimony…”, not a second part.

Asphyx – Necroceros (2021 | Century Media)
Every new Asphyx album is a tombstone to those who consider death metal dead. The band is in its best period and we hope to continue like this for the years to come.

Call From Subconscious – Sorrow And Avidity (2021 | Repulsive Echo)
A lost gem in time from the mid-90s where death/doom was on its prime. If these Germans were English, undoubtedly, they would have made some success and had more luck. They use flute instead of violin and every fan of My Dying Bride and bands like them should check them out asap. The CD contains the demos that the band released.

Ereb Altor – Vargtimman (2022 | Hammerheart)
Last but not least the latest opus from the mighty Norsemen. Almost the only band carrying the Bathory legacy on golden wings proving it in every album. Viking metal till Valhalla.

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