Lucky those who found themselves in the arena of MARYLAND DEATHFEST as it was the return of the greatest Floridian gods in an excellent performance honoring the great and heavy name they carry.

Bound full of energy they showed that they are not only keeping it alive but will soon be back with a new chapter. The line up consists of Lee Harrison, Matt Barnes, Justin Walker, Mark Van Erp, Ed Webb who comes to continue the tradition. Who is that? That every Monstrosity singer stays for only 2 albums. Corpse grinder, Avery, Hrubovcak all unique with talent and soul and so now the former Massacre and Diabolic singer comes to lead the new 7th album.

As Lee Harrison revealed it will be as well crafted as its predecessors, will be released sooner this time and will be more straightforward in its aim. The songwriting is still going on there will be about 10 songs and some of them are “Banished To The Beyond” and “Spiral Inflation”.

This band is eternal, immortal. Despite all the problems and changes and where the ashes smell burning the Sulphur, the burning stone, emerges again and again and always comes back to give something unique, to teach, to impress. So at number 7 that reminds us that the divine entity is all around us and protects us we await the next step of Captain Lee for the new uplifting experience…