Written Feb 25th by Kostas Vaxevanos

Morbid jester

The mid-90s was the golden age of Power metal and especially the melodic one that monopolized the speakers of fans with groups such as Blind Guardian, Angra, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Grave Digger. But in contrast to all of them, a new band from the historic Dillenburg, Germany, there in the castle where William the silent, the protagonist of the Dutch revolution in the north against Filippo the 2nd in Spain, was born, is squinting and refusing to follow.

Their debut will be self-funded in 1994 and I learned it through the fanzine of the Singing Swords era and I was impressed by the 80s heavy speed American sound, the one formed by Twisted Sister with a hard rhythm section and early Queensryche with sparks from energy charged guitars. This is where the power of the band comes from and as far as the well-crafted melodies are concerned, we hear them more intensely in the leads.

The vocals are a bit special since they are more realistic, street style I would say in the rough version of Bryan Adams’ first albums. From there springs an optimistic air of the 80s that many are now feeling nostalgic for. On this occasion Golden Core Records re-releases it and does very well on CD / LP with bonus points because it is a small treasure like the old coins we discovered in our grandparents’ houses and they told us stories about.

This is how you will feel when you hear “Another Life”, “In the Night”, “No Name City” and “In cooperation” which is an alloy of great metals. Be sure to check out their next albums!