Sorrow And Avidity

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Sorrow And Avidity


1. Nosferatu 05:33
2. Anguish To Live 05:59
3. Reve Noir 06:05
4. Floris Mare In Nocte Finis 05:27
5. Intro 01:16
6. Sadistic Life Inside 05:50
7. Sorrow and Avidity 06:11
8. Mentally Deceased 08:22
9. White Funeral 04:52


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Flute – Sabine Schuster
Vocals – Simon Hammer
Guitar – Stephan Schmidt
Drums – Herbert Keil
Guitar – Marcus Pretzl
Bass – Andy Saffer

All music by Call From Subconscious 1993-1997
Lyrics by Marcus Pretzl

Drawings Marcus Pretzl
Photo Max Zeckau
Concept by Kostas Vaxevanos and CFS
Design and layout by Wanderley Perna

Remastering by Dimitris Sakkas at Dimons Studios


Finding this collection in my promo folder and listening to it blindly, it almost blew my mind up, with the motley music of these Germans; I was mistaking it for an album of some modern band…
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Sorrow and Avidity” is an album delivering top-notch ’90s Mourning Death Metal about Despair, Life, Love and… Death, that could have been out via Peaceville Records somewhere between 1993-1997….
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Nikos Nakos

Οι Call From Subconscious μας ήρθαν κάπου στη δεκαετία του 90′, όταν οι δεσμοί του underground γίνονταν όλο και πιο σφιχτοί στην Ευρώπη. Για μόνο μια τετραετία στα δρώμενα, και συγκεκριμένα από το 1993 έως το 1997, μας χάρισαν δύο demo κυκλοφορίες που χώρεσαν μπόλικα ετερόκλιτα με τον doom/death χαρακτήρα, στοιχεία, τα οποία μάλιστα μπορούσαν να φτιάξουν στην πορεία και τον ήχο τους…
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John Hartzaniotis

The music is dreamy and quite hooking, it has a gripping dark atmosphere dripping with an eerie ghastly backdrop…
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Anders Peter Jørgensen