Against Your Filthy Kind

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Against Your Filthy Kind


A1. Against Your Filthy Kind
A2. All Hail The Slaughter Of The Whore
A3. The Devil In Your Personal Hell

Same program both sides


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Kydoimos : Vocals
Dimon’s Night : Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums

All lyrics written by Kydoimos.
All music written by Dimon’s Night.
“Against Your Filthy Kind” was recorded, mixed and produced by Dimon’s Night at Dimons Studios during August 2019.
Artwork concept by Jesus Lhysta (Rotted Artist)
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Ένα επιτέλους βαρύ, ωμό, γρήγορο, ογκώδες, πανέξυπνο μπουνίδι κάτω από τη ζώνη!!! Είναι αυτό που λέμε old school brutal death metal με τα όλα του, σαν το παιδί των Benediction και Massacre τη στιγμή που παίρνουν μάτι ρινόκεροι!

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Niko Leone Lionis

A massively brutal EP consists of three tracks of total time thirteen minutes – surely enough and more surely capable of  grabbing our skull and torn that into pieces…
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Kostas Dahmer

The three song EP has a war like aesthetic in the veins of Bolt Thrower with heavy intense riffs, groovy rhythms and guttural vocals…
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George Tsekas

Its a morbid way to die… Satisfied!
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