City of the Dead

City of the Dead


A1     Denounce God
A2     City Of The Dead
A3     Vortex
A4     Encarta

B1     Inborn
B2     Visions From The Darkside (Morbid Angel Cover)
B3     Gemini (Slayer Cover)
B4     Lucifer Induced (Unreleased Song Nov 2013)


Ltd to 500 copies. 400 Black, 100 Clear Splatter.

Includes the 1997 3-song demo “City of the Dead”,
2 bonus demo tracks “Inborn” and “Encarta”,
covers to Morbid Angel and Slayer classics
and a brand new 2013 song exclusive for this release!

All songs remastered for vinyl and poster.

Promo video


Bass – Rutger A. Cole
Drums – Aantar Coates
Guitar – Brian Malone
Vocals, Guitar – Paul Ouellette

Recorded at Murdersound Studios with 8 tracks in April 1997. Mastered at Morrisound Studios. Bonus tracks recorded at Speed Demon Studios. Mastered at Shockwerks Mastering Studio.

Jim Morris – Mastering
Lee Harrison – Producer
Jason “Tux” Morgan – Producer
Brian Werking – Mastering (Bonus Tracks)
Ian Jones – Logo art


Diabolic has reissued three songs from their “City Of The Dead” demo from 1997 along with three never before released studio cuts along with two cover songs: Slayer’s “Gemini” and Morbid Angel’s “Visions From The Dark Side”, which are ghoulishly done in the Diabolic way. This vinyl release is also called “City Of The Dead”, and it is a solid and brutal representation of Diabolic’s humble beginnings as an old school death metal band with that cryptic/ancient feeling of total darkness and anti-religious themes. Aantar’s drumming on the eight tracks here is 110% blasphemous and wickedly executed for your total headbanging pleasure. The other members of the band are just as tight, hellishly sick and insanely twisted. The vocals alone on “City Of The Dead” will make you cough up that Satanic Ceremonial Blood you drank during lastnight’s human sacrifice.
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Explicitly Intense

Repulsive Echo is relatively new underground label from Greece that already has proven its worth with several great releases. They did some killer vinyl and CD reissues of bands like Gutted, Malevolent Creation, Solstice, Demented Ted, and also released new album from Brutality. And I know that Kostas, who’s behind this label, has plans for more interesting releases. The first vinyl, which Repulsive Echo released though was “City of the Dead” demo by blastmasters from Florida, Diabolic! And wow, what a good start it was for Repulsive Echo. And even better for Diabolic…
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