Corporal Punishment

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Corporal Punishment


1. Collective Hypnosis 3:03
2. Corporal Punishment 6:37
3. Fury Settles 1:28
4. Sense Of Powerlessness 6:14
5. All For A Holy Cause 3:27
6. Adventure For Sale 4:45
7. Actions Speak Louder Than Words 3:28
8. Infanticide 6:34
9. Immigrant Exploitation 0:39
10. Profit Of A Billion Deaths 1:59
11. Modernism Keeps Killing 4:34

+ Bonus tracks


Coming soon on CD/LP

CD includes bonus tracks from Collective Hypnosis demo 1991

Liner notes and rich photo documentary

LP is a Sewer Grinder Records production distributed by R.E.

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Liner notes from Olivier Zoltar Badin and Jeremie Grima

Logo by Denis GRRR (WWW.D-GRRR.COM )

Revamped artwork by Giannis Nakos (Remedy Art Design)

Layout by Wanderley Perna


Crusher’s debut is a History printed on vinyl. Don’t get upset…I know what I write…Corporal Punishment is not a pioneer or an album that led the way. Definitely not musically but in terms of intentions and driving evolution, the French Metal scene was never the same after that. Loudblast was certainly the pioneer along with Massacra…
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Giorgos Tsekas