In Mourning

In Mourning


1. Obsessed
2. The Past
3. Destroyed By Society
4. Waiting To Be Devoured
5. Died With Open Eyes
6. In Mourning
7. Subjected To Torture
8. Calculated Bloodshed
9. Extinction


Gatefold LP limited to 500 copies (250 grey/250 black)

Promo video


Remastered for vinyl by John Hall / Florida

Written by Brutality

Recorded at Morrisound Studio, Tampa/Florida, 1996

Produced by Jim Morris and Brutality

Engineered by Jim Morris

Artwork by Jason Hubbard

Logo by Death Hammer Graphix

Photos by Tim Hubbard

Layout by Dr.Winter /


Brutality is:

Scott Reigel: Vocals

Jeff Acres: Bass, Vocals

Dana Walsh: Lead Guitar

Pete Sykes: Rhythm Guitar

Jim Coker: Drums


Jerry Outlaw: Guitar solos on “The Past” & “Subjected To Torture”


Brutality are one of those bands that got lost in the mix. Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Death took all of the glory in Tampa, while Brutality just kept pumping out solid releases.
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After successfully releasing their first new full length in 20 years Repulsive Echo are reissuing the band’s rare gem “In Mourning”. Now “In Mourning” was released in 1996. At this time metal was at an evolving stage, the heyday of death metal was just finishing…
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