Repulsive Echo Vol. 2

Repulsive Echo Vol. 2


1. Ectoplasma – Cryogenically revived
2. Create A Kill – Flesh, blood and stone
3. Malignancy – Contagious psychosis
4. Koroidia – Apparitions
5. Inveracity – Fistfuck sodomy
6. Call From Subconscious – Anguish to live
7. Church of Disgust – Supine in the face of total death
8. the Psalm – Ascetic
9. Malevolent Creation – Divide and conquer
10. Cult Of Eibon – the Sleeper of R’lyeh
11. Calcemia – Descent into suffering

Some bands do not belong to the Repulsive Echo “roster” we just do support them


Free Repulsive Echo compilation with Spawn of flesh zine #1

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Artwork by Sean Carr

Repulsive Echo Logo by George Prasinis

Layout by Kostas Vaxevanos


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