Summoned To Rise

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Summoned To Rise


1. Create A Kill 02:58
2. Cold Blooded 03:14
3. Crave the Blade 03:39
4. Decimate 04:57
5. Premeditated 03:18
6. Gauntlet of Pain 03:42
7. Praise the Beast 03:12
8. Reap the Whirlwind 04:27
9. The Sow is Mine 04:13
10. Show of Force 03:29


Extreme Thrash/Death Metal from Florida

Available as CD/MC/Digital (

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Line-up: : Gus Rios (Gruesome/Malevolent Creation), Alex Marquez (Solstice/Resurrection), Dirk Verbueren (Megadeth/Soilwork), Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up/Vomitory), Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed)


Obviously Gus Rios has still some resources left besides GRUESOME, EVIL AMIDST and UPON INFLICTION, so he teamed up with Alex Marquez (SOLSTICE and too many former bands to be listed here) and Daniel Gonzalez (POSSESSED, GRUESOME) to launch CREATE A KILL
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Mirco Szymyslik