DEMENTOR – Interview with Rene Blahusiak

By Kostas Vaxevanos

Interview originally appeared in Repulsive Echo fanzine 1999 May

Q: When was Dementor formed and give us some info about all your releases till now?

A: Dementor is one of the oldest active Slovak extreme bands. The band arose in 1988 like three members band. I joined the band in 1991 and we started to work hard on the progress of our musical expression. The first official recording was the demo tape called “The extinction of Christianity” ’92. This stuff contains 9 tracks of fast more technical death metal influenced by Pestilence, Death, Slayer and Celtic Frost. It was sung in Slovak language. The next act is the second demo “Morbid Infection” ’93 recorded with new vocalist and the result is six brutal death metal songs. This was the beginning of our our Brutal creation. Both the demos got very positive response and a young Slovak label